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The highlight of the PD4 series is the RFID reader, which is integrated into the PD415 as standard. With the aid of this module the PD415 can be used in Hytera’s Patrol System. Patrolling guards can then scan distributed check points in a building and send their current location to a control room. Other highlights of the PD4 series are:

  • Mixed analog and digital channel (mixed channel operation)
  • Open application programming interface (API) for RFID-based third-party developments (PD415)
  • Supports pre-programmed text message transmission
  • TDMA direct mode allows up to two simultaneous calls, even without repeater
  • Dustproof and waterproof as per IP55 (PD405) or IP54 (PD415)
  • The radios in the PD4 series are excellently suited to usage in the security sector in buildings and facilities that must be patrolled, for example large department stores, industrial facilities, warehouses or hotel facilities. Due to the combination of analog and digital radio, users who are migrating or want to migrate to digital radio can be sure of a safe investment.

Hytera’s Patrol System
The Hytera Patrol system is a patrol system for the management of patrol information. With the aid of this solution the positions of the security personnel can be monitored in real-time on a digital map in a control room. The Patrol System includes, along with the radio PD415, management software, RFID identity cards and RFID check points.