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Point of Sale

As digital sales continue to rise, it’s never been more important for you to optimise your points of sale. Zebra’s fixed and mobile point of sale solutions allow for increases in efficiency that shrink lines, reduce hang ups and keep customers coming back again and again, even at peak hours.

Fixed Point of Sale

Zebra’s fixed point of sale solutions keep transactions fast and accurate and lanes flowing smoothly.

Mobile Point of Sale

Zebra’s mobile point of sale solutions can bust up big lines and minimise abandoned sales by processing payment at the customer’s point of decision.

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Inventory Management

Master your inventory with mobile, accurate, real-time visibility so you can fulfil orders no matter where the customer is making the purchase or where the inventory is being kept. Zebra’s Inventory Management Solutions let you and your customers know what is available, where it is, and exactly how much it costs so they don’t have to go anywhere else to make a purchase.

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Food Safety

Costly food recalls, outbreaks of foodborne illnesses, compliance regulations and higher consumer expectations are critical factors driving rapid change in the food and beverage industry. As a result, enterprises in the food supply chain—from the manufacturing plant floor, to transportation and logistics operations, and retail companies—are challenged to implement more effective food safety processes.

Zebra’s portfolio of solutions delivers the power you need to improve food safety procedures and ensure compliance. With solutions to enable inventory visibility, digitized checklists, automated temperature monitoring and sensing, labeling and more, Zebra helps you transform your food supply chain from farm to fork for safety, traceability and transparency.

Zebra’s food safety supply chain solutions automate and digitize processes to complete tasks faster and more accurately. Whether you need to eliminate time-intensive, paper records to free your workers from manual, pen-and-paper workflows, or you’re looking to increase your investment in food monitoring technology—Zebra enables an ecosystem of track and trace solutions for unrivaled insights into the food supply chain, as well as employee monitoring and accountability.


Zebra’s Personal Shopping Solution allows customers to scan their own items as they shop meaning that they only have to pack their bags once and can check out without a queue. With deployments in over 3,000 stores, Zebra is the leader in self-shopping solutions which are proven to increase revenue, reduce costs and provide a platform to enable next generation digital services.



Develop a connected staff who can quickly and accurately access information from anywhere to add value to your customers’ experience. Zebra’s Staff Enablement solutions give your associates real time, mobile access to inventory information, task management and instant communication wherever they are in the store to keep your customers satisfied.

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Labelling and tags


Not every label is created equal. There are thousands of different label and tag materials available – each with their own set of features that affect durability and printer performance. To ensure your labels match your needs, our material sciences experts have pre-tested, selected and certified the highest-performing label and tag materials to assure durable print and minimal printer wear and tear, while also considering your budget and application.

Retail Price Management Labelling

The right price labels give a voice to your products in the store. They help you attract consumer attention, move products faster and avoid checkout confusion.

Manufacturing Product Identification Labelling

Durable labels that ensure compliance and meet customer requirements.

Transportation and Logistics Labelling

Speed up the flow of goods

Zebra Printers

You don’t have time for printer failure. Printers should perform flawlessly, almost invisibly. But when they’re down, so are your operations. Remove the hassle with Zebra.

From simplified set-up to quality construction to performance-enhancing Print DNA software toolset – our printers are designed to be self-reliant, durable, and endlessly eager to work. Going beyond just hardware, they deliver the autonomy, intelligence – and unlike other brands, security – that give you peace of mind and a genuine sense of protection.

Print with confidence knowing you have a partner with 50 years of thermal printing innovation by your side. Don’t Compromise. Get it all with Zebra.

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