Hytera MD615 – DMR mobile radio

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Analog and digital mobile radio (dual mode)

Both analog and digital channels can be configured with the MD615. You can easily switch your choice of channel between analog and digital. With the “A&D Auto Detect” feature, your radio monitors analog and digital modes simultaneously and automatically reacts in the correct mode. This enables an extremely smooth and simple migration from analog to digital.

High and adjustable transmitting power

You can program the MD615, adjusting the transmitting power to between 1 W and 25 W. Variants of the MD615 with a higher output rating can expand their communication range by a considerable amount.

GPS module & Bluetooth functionality (optional)

Localization by GPS via the optional external GPS module permits position checks and real time position determination in AVL application. With the Bluetooth option, the radio can establish a wireless connection with various Bluetooth accessories.

Robust and compact

The MD615 combines a robust external design, which complies with military standards and is protected against dust and moisture penetration in accordance with IP54, with a compact housing.