Newland HR42 Halibut HD Bluetooth

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The HR42 BT Halibut is part of Newland’s Pro series and is capable of reading high density barcodes, postal and DPM with ease. With a 1.8M drop rating, this cordless solution is ready to withstand tough environments.

Compatible with EasySet. 3 Years Full Warranty

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Designed and built to raise the bar, the HR42 HD Halibut Bluetooth provides maximized performance and a reliable rugged exterior. With its megapixel camera, the handheld scanner achieves an entirely new level of performance that allows it to scan virtually every 1D and 2D barcode printed on paper, plastic and metal, as well as a range of direct part marks (DPMs).

Strong Wireless Connectivity.
The HR42 HD Halibut Bluetooth comes equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, giving you the freedom to scan barcodes up to 50 meters away from the cradle. Energy efficiency, quick data rate and easy pairing are just a few of the perks of this Bluetooth connection.

Extensive Capabilities.
In addition to excelling at scanning high density barcodes, the HR42 HD Halibut Bluetooth extends its data capture capabilities by also providing the added value of postal barcode decoding.

Superior Megapixel Performance.
Thanks to its 1280×960 pixel CMOS sensor, the HR42 HD Halibut Bluetooth easily captures high resolution images and brings the scanning performance to a whole new level.

Exceptional Aiming & Illumination.
Designed with the user in mind, the HR42 HD Halibut Bluetooth utilizes a highly visible laser aimer in order to achieve an accurate target. Along with the laser aiming capabilities, there is a flicker-free, soft white illumination to reduce fatigue during demanding activities.

IR Sensor.
Even when barcodes are presented 40cm away from the HR42 HD Halibut Bluetooth, the IR sensor is activated.

Rugged Industrial Construction.
Built for tough environments, the HR42 HD Halibut Bluetooth is built into an IP42 sealed and drop resistant (1.8M) housing.


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