Newland MT90 Orca Pro

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Designed and built to go the extra mile, the MT90 Orca Pro offers the very best of our Orca series. As the flagship series’ Pro label, it sports high-end features, such as Android 10 OS, a Qualcomm processor and Android Enterprise Recommended (AER) status, ensuring top support and management. These features come in addition to everything you know and love from the Orca Series.

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Whether you have a GMS or a non-GMS Orca Pro in your hands, you’ll benefit from exceptional scanning with Newland’s own Megapixel imaging technology. You’ll also enjoy 4G data, voice communication, dual-band WiFi, GPS and NFC as usual. All this makes the MT90 Orca Pro your no-compromise enterprise solution.

Full touchscreen mobile computer.
Like the rest of its series, the MT90 Orca Pro is an Android mobile computer that packs all of the latest hardware into a modern and user-friendly design. It is a light and durable device with a 5″ capacitive touch screen. Equipped with a familiar user interface and the exterior of a rugged consumer phone, the MT90 Orca Pro is easy to set up and use right out of the box.

Android Enterprise Recommended (AER).
The MT90 Orca Pro carries Google’s AER seal of approval, signalling it keeps pace with performance and security upgrades to its operating system and core functionality. This label, in combination with Newland’s free MDM Ndevor, enables clients to maintain secure visibility and control over their devices regardless of location. MT90 Orca Pro is also available without Google Mobile Services (GMS), a more streamlined consideration for applications that remain inside the four walls.

Fast Charging and long operating time.
The MT90 Orca Pro has fast charging for its standard 3.8V 4500mAh and its extended capacity 6500mAh battery. Both batteries are replaceable, allowing the user to operate across multiple shifts, day by day.

Powerful and accurate barcode scanning.
The MT90 Orca Pro’s megapixel scanner is built in at the top of the device and can be triggered with a virtual button on the screen, physical buttons on the side of the device or via the trigger on the handle of the PG90 Pistol grip. Newland’s Acuscan function makes the unit ideal for picking applications.

Business-class durability.
The MT90 Orca Pro is built to withstand dusty environments and inevitable bumps and drops. It has Gorilla® Glass, a rating of IP65 and has been drop tested up to 1.5m, ensuring longer and more reliable use.

Accessories that match your operations.
A wide range of accessories for the MT90 Orca Pro are included in the package, namely: USB cable, battery, rubber boot and multi plug adapter. Various pistol grips, including both UHF and long range, holsters, multi-charging cradles, communication (USB) cradle and vehicle cradle kit are also available for the MT90 Orca Series.


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