Becker Cable Theft Detection

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Becker Cable Theft Detection

• Stand-Alone Cable Protection System
• Ease of deployment
• SMS Notification
• Motor Protection Integrated
• SCADA Visualisation Capable

Cable Theft detection, as Insulation protection
• Cable theft has reached unprecedented levels in
South Africa, forcing the law makers to declare
copper a precious metal, and carrying a
punishment of 15 years in jail. Stealing copper
has not declined though.
• Becker Relays have the ability to detect cable
theft, by detecting a change in the impedance of
your cable going to the motor or pump. You will
be alerted as tampering takes place.
• For example, the unit can send you an SMS to
your phone alerting you of cable theft, or light up
an emergency alarm/siren. The alarm can then
be reset by replying to the same SMS also if you
have SCADA the information could be sent to an
control room via your existing PLC.
• The Cable Theft unit could be used as an standalone
unit to monitor any cable that has no
power on it only needs 220 volt to power the
unit. If using the SMS unit we have battery backup
if power is lost witch will last for eight hours.
• The Cable Theft unit has real time and date and
logs up to 1400 events, this will help to know
when the alarm was activated and how long it
took for someone to respond. The unit is
programmed to activate an alarm when there is
a cable theft. The unit must be reset at the
location of the alarm in order to confirm
response by security. When the reset is
activated the unit will log date and time of

• The ProLoc and ProBeck Relays are comprehensive
low voltage, electronic motor protection relays
communicating on Profibus DPV1, Modbus RTU and
Canbus, encompassing new and unique features.
• Designed specifically for pumps, fans, conveyors,
compressors, gate end box, gully box and crushers,
Becker relays boast with a wide range of userselectable
protection features, such as thermal
overload protection, earth insulation lockout, voltage
protection, earth leakage protection and short circuit.
• Most importantly this Relays can detect dry run in
your bore-hole/tank or dams and can be pre-set to
automatically reset and start the pump again after a
specified time or set level.
• Additional to normal motor protection features,
Becker protection relays are capable of controlling
pumps and motors based on: – Water level, such as dams,
– Valve position,
– Temperature sensors,
– Time of the day,
– Moisture content of the soil


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