Becker RXL Pump

• RX back suction horizontal pump
• Medium flow and high head
• 70% efficiency
• Connects to three pumps in a series
• Built for extended life

RX (Back Suction Horizontal Pump)
RX back suction horizontal pump is a medium flow
and high pressure pump with a duty up to 90m
and an efficiency of 70%. This RX model can be
connected in series up to three pumps in series
to achieve up to 270m head.
The RX range comes in a low pressure pump
and a high pressure pump. The RX pump range
can handle solids from 19mm to 73mm can
be handled. Suction cover and end cover liners
protect casing from abrasive wear. Due to rear
suction construction, the stuffing box is only
subject to suction pressure.
The casing and impeller is design with extra thick
wall sections at wear points for extended life. The
impeller has front pump out vanes to reduce wear
on the suction liner.

Solids ranging from 19mm to 73mm can be
handled. Bearings are selected for a minimum
B -10 life of 24,000 hours at maximum speed
& impeller diameter. Lubrication of bearings are
grease as standard, with oil lubrication available
as optional extra. Shaft sleeve fit and impeller
hub thread are sealed from pumping media for
extended sleeve life.
Casing clamp construction and back suction
design facilitates easy part replacement without
dismantling suction and discharge piping.

The wet end is manufactured with cast chrome iron
CR28% material as standard for increased wear
life. The RX range can handle S.G up to 1.3. The RX
range can be used in Fly ash, Soda ash, Pot ash and
many more applications.


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