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• Intelligent stand alone motor protection unit
limited 232 communication
• Apparent Power and Real Power Measurements
• Statistical Data
• Last 50 Faults Recorded
• Last 1764 Events Recorded
• 3 Phase Recorder
• Training/Modelling Simulator
• Management Feature Benefits

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The ProLoc 2 Relay measures the Real Power
(KWatt.h) as well as the Apparent Power
(KVA.h) of the motor. This is derived from line
voltage, phase voltage and power factor (where
applicable). This provides the clients with the
necessary information in determining whether
or not the motor is the correct size for the
In the event of a motor being over-sized for the
application, a poor power factor and excessive
electricity consumption results in high energy
costs and a poor green footprint, with the
information provided by the relay, steps can be
taken in order to improve the power factor. A
smaller motor can also be considered for the
application, should it be feasible to replace.
Increasing energy costs and the push towards a
greener footprint make this feature a valuable
asset in any plant.
Essential Statistical Date ensures that
information retrieved from the relay can be used
for maintenance purposes before failure of the
drive. The Drive ID and Description ensure the
information pertains to the correct drive via a
The Last 50 faults record is date and time
stamped with the fault description, running hours
of the drive, current maximum, voltage minimum,
breaker clearance time and digital field inputs.
The information can be uploaded and stored for
viewing in MS Excel later or data capture into a
SAP System. Particularly helpful for maintenance
planning on a plant.
The event records are date and time stamped
with the event description, running hours of the
drive, current maximum, voltage minimum and
breaker clearance time. Downloaded and viewed
in MS Excel, the event records will show setting
changes, stops and starts of the drive, alarm
conditions and tips.

The 3 Phase recorder allows the user to record
the motor currents, voltages, thermal capacity
and power factor. The motor performance
can be monitored and analysed in real time.
Particularly useful when tripping occurs for no
obvious reason. The recorder alleviates to some
degree the need for sophisticated equipment to
be carried round the plant.
The training simulator is a tool that can be used
to simulate running conditions. This allows
the user to determine what the relay will do
to protect the motor. Training of employees is
essential for familiarisation and understanding
of the protection equipment.


• Over current (overload) detection
• Unbalanced phase current detection
• Underload (minimum load) detection
• Single phase (phase loss) detection
• Run stall detection
• Starts per hour control
• Vectorial stall detection
• Short circuit detection
• Frozen contact/vacuum loss < 1M Ohm
across open contactor or any phase
• Voltage symmetry detection
• Over voltage detection
• Under voltage detection
• High or low frequency detection
• Voltage phase rotation detection
• Insulation failure detection
• Earth leakage detection
• Earth fault detection


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