KITO Manual Chain Hoists

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Becker KITO MIGHTY Model M3 incorporates state-of-the-art design and technology to provide superior performance.

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KITO Manual Chain Hoists
CB Series – Up to 50 ton Standard Capacity

KITO MIGHTY Model M3 incorporates state-of-the-art design and technology
to provide superior performance. Lighter and more compact than others in its class, yet highly efficient,
this hoist spares nothing when it comes to lifting power.
With capacities from 0.5t to 50t, the Model M3 shines in a wide range of lifting applications.
Helping to set this hoist apart is the use of KITO’s smallest yet strongest load chain.
This load chain has a breaking strength of 1,000N/mm2 (100kgf/mm2).
KITO’s exclusive process technology and years of experience assure superior quality and performance.
With its impressive array of features and benefits,
we are confident the Model M3 will meet your most demanding needs.

Outstanding features

A high-strength load chain and a dry-type braking mechanism combine with a highly-efficient compact design to provide smooth and reliable operation and outstanding performance.

Gear Case and Hand Wheel Cover are Resistant to External Shocks

Both sides of the hoist are covered with a thick steel gear case and
reinforced wheel cover. Manufactured using state-of-the-art
technology, these critical components are ideally shaped and
highly rigid to maintain bearing alignment and withstand external

Double Enclosures Protect Against Rainwater and Dust Intrusion

The braking mechanism, comprising the heart of the hoist, is
securely enclosed within the wheel and brake covers. This double
coverage protects the internal mechanisms from intrusion by
weather elements, mud and dust. Further, the hand chain guide
attached to the wheel cover provides durability and a smooth
operation of the hand chain on the hand chain wheel.

Double Pawl Spring Mechanism Increases Safety and Reliability

The MIGHTY M3 insists on two pawl springs to deliver an extra
degree of performance in case one spring is damaged.

Sure and Reliable Mechanical Brake

KITO’s dry-type asbestos-free mechanical brake ensures
outstanding stopping power and safety for high performance

Hooks for Easy Work

Heat-treated to withstand the rigors of the toughest jobs, the
MIGHTY M3’s top and bottom hooks are ready to make your work
easier. The bottom hook’s relatively large dimensions enable a load
to be quickly stabilized in the proper position while the bottom
yoke’s protecting guard protects the chain pin and nut from
damage, further enhancing safety.

Bearing Mechanism Increases Mechanical Efficiency

KITO’s unique ball and needle bearings optimize mechanical
efficiency and produce high power output with a minimum of
manual input.

Load Chain Guide Mechanism Smoothes Operation

Superior performance is designed into the MIGHTY M3. Smooth
load chain movement is facilitated by having a chain guide
mechanism in the flanged load sheave and guide roller.

Highly Accurate and Durable Gears

Years of research and development have enabled KITO to produce
compact, highly efficient and durable gears.

Stopper Prevents Excessive Lowering

KITO’s carefully engineered stopper assembly not only prevents a
load from being lowered too far, but even keeps the chain from
exiting the mechanism. Increased pull force signals the operator
the load has been lowered to the maximum extent.

Highly Strong Load Chain

Load chains, the component comprising the heart of the chain
hoist, are made of an exclusively developed, heat treated special
steel alloy. Carefully selected special steel is entirely processed at
KITO’s fully automated production facilities under the most
stringent quality control. Thus, all of the KITO chains are uniform in
high breaking stress of 1000N/mm2(100kgf/mm2). They have excellent
quality including toughness and resistance to wear and corrosion.


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