Newland FM80 Salmon

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As shopper expectations are evolving, retailers turn to technology for strong solutions that keep up pace. The FM80 Salmon offers an easily integrated barcode scanner to build into such self-service kiosks or complete POS units. It’s large scan window and fool-proof features offer a great solution for self-service kiosks for inexperienced customers.

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The FM80 Salmon’s sky-high motion tolerance of 3,5 m/s for retail codes makes for fast and efficient scanning that helps avoid congestion at checkout. All backed up by our top megapixel scan technology.

High Motion Tolerance.
The FM80 Salmon can capture EAN codes moving at 3.5 meters per second. This is especially significant for the experienced user at a static point of sale (POS), for quickly processing baskets of goods and reducing check-out queuing.

Large Scan Window.
Its large scan window and small depth-of-field helps capture barcodes even when the goods are bigger, or the product is being presented very close to the scan window. An additional benefit from a large window in fast-paced retail scanning, is that the user, regardless of experience, doesn’t need to be precise when lining up a code for a successful read.

Comfortable Experience.
The FM80 Salmon’s short & long-range illumination and anti-glare are designed for customer-facing applications, such as retail self-service and POS scanning. They prevent the user from being dazzled by sharp illumination and reflections, ensuring a comfortable user experience. Additionally, the FM80 Salmon has a good performance scanning from customer phone-screens.

Mounting and integration.
As a fixed and mountable scanner that is designed to become part of an installation that often requires the scanner to be flush, the FM80 Salmon has 6 anchor points on the front edge of its window. The IP52 rating requires additional protection from the elements for an exposed application. With this in mind, we have added a soft inlay around the edge of the window for a more comfortable fit into some enclosures.

Superior Scanning Performance.
As another example of Newland’s megapixel scanning technology, the FM80 Salmon delivers stunning performance on decoding even poor-quality and damaged barcodes. Additional benefits for megapixel scanning enable reliable decoding on the higher density 2D barcodes featured on alcohol, tobacco and pharmaceutical products.

Double reading prevention.
The FM80 Salmon uses active sensors that know the difference between a code that’s being presented to be read from one that is not. It knows the difference between a deliberate swipe of a code compared to a code being static for longer than the natural decode time out session. This helps prevent accidental misreads of the same barcode twice.


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