Newland NQuire 350 Skate

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The NQuire 350 Skate packs upgraded features including Android 7.1 OS, 2D megapixel imager and Newland’s free MDM Ndevor. Its new black housing adds a contemporary feel that easily blends into your self service environment.

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The engine is tilted on a 20 degree angle for more comfortable and consistent scanning in a self service environment. The NQuire 350 Skate is particularly suited for quick & intuitive navigation when looking up information, scanning tickets and checking prices.

Self-Scanning focused.
The NQuire 350 Skate is armed with a 2D omni-directional scan engine. Its megapixel scanner easily reads barcodes, no matter the size or material that it’s been printed on. A 20 degree angle of the reader makes scanning larger products comfortable. For digital barcodes, this same tilt guides each user to present their smart phone at the optimal angle to combat reflection.

Heavily customized Android OS for easy integration and Device Management.
Running on Android 7.1, the NQuire 350 Skate ensures intuitive navigation to your customers and your team. Looking up product information, scanning tickets or checking prices is quick and simple. Meanwhile software and development possibilities are as powerful and widespread as they are in larger equivalents.

Greater visibility.
Newland’s MDM Ndevor, included with each NQuire 350 Skate, makes updating and maintaining devices even easier by connecting them to a cloud- based configuration and monitoring tool.

Endless communication possibilities.
The NQuire 350 Skate is equipped with a variety of features that make it easy to adapt the micro kiosk to your application. The device has a built-in RFID reader and data can be transmitted through Ethernet, WiFi and Bluetooth. An external USB and GPIO port provides the possibility to connect an external device, such as a handheld scanner.

Mount anywhere.
With its small footprint and VESA 75 compliant design, the NQuire 350 Skate can be mounted on any shelf, pole or wall.

Backwards compatible.
The NQuire 350 Skate’s embedded CIT emulation program means the device can emulate the exact functions of the NQuire 200 series. Enabling prior customers to explore what’s possible with Android while they continue their existing processes.


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