Becker Pump Monitoring System

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Pump dry run / cavitations protection
• Over current (overload) detection
• Earth fault lockout
• Locked rotor stall protection
• Power factor/power consumption
• Starts per hour control
• Short circuit, harmonic noise, earth leakage,loss
of vacuum, frozen contactor, high or
lowfrequency, voltage phase rotation
insulationfailure detection

In addition to the motor control parameters the
system can be expanded to include pump
monitoring parameters such as bearing
temperatures, flow, pressure and vibration. This
information could be used to provide the
efficiency of the pump thereby giving early
warning as per the health of the pump as well as
the ability to decide when the pump should be
maintained or rebuilt. Energy usage per
pump/efficiency per pump can also be derived
from this information.


• Thermal Overload Protection
• Locked Rotor Protection
• Running Stall / Jam Protection
• Vectorial Stall Protection
• Unbalanced Current / Single Phasing
• Minimum Load / Under Load Protection
• Earth Leakage / Earth Fault Protection
• Short-circuit Protection
• Starts per Hour Limitation
• Over / Under Voltage / Phase Rotation
• Over / Under Frequency Protection
• Insulation Lock-out
• Frozen contact vacuum contact failure
• 1400 Event Recording RTC time stamped
• 40 Last Fault Records RTC time stamped
• 3-Phase recorder Volts, Amps, Cos ∅
• On-Board Simulator of protection and logic
• Pre start warning, backspin timer, unauthorised
current back trip into Main Circuit Breaker
• Starter controllers:
– Direct on line and FWD / REV
• Configuration as:
– Protection Relay with Back trip on High
energy faults


The system is designed to meet the following
• Low initial cost
• The option to add this to existing motor
starters and enhance the information
• Fast implementation as only plant specific
screens need to be developed
• Historical data capability to provide
information to assist with maintenance and
plant availability by providing out of norm
information and alarm information on SMS
or email or smart phone connections


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