The CKX range comes in two different models,
CKX (horizontal End Suction) and CTMS
submersible pumps.
CKX pumps use large diameter impellers for
wear reducing low-speed operation. Solids of all
kinds and sizes (up to 228mm solids) are readily
pumped through extra-wide flow passages. With a
superior hydraulic design, this pump offers powersaving
efficiency levels and excellent suction
characteristics. In most abrasive solids-handling
services, the CKX can provide the optimum
combination of solids handling ability, low power
cost, and minimum pump wear.
High chrome iron 28% (650 BHN) is used for
more severely abrasive applications and extends
the CKX pump’s resistance to abrasion, mild
corrosion and impact loads.


The extra loads created when pumping slurries
of high specific gravity are easily handled by the
CKX bearing assembly.
Designed for a minimum B-10 life of 25,000
hours, pump bearing fully enclosed and sealed.
Grease or oil lubrication may be specified on 4”
through 8” pumps.
The rugged, abrasion-resistant design of
the CKX keeps maintenance and downtime
at minimum levels. Routine maintenance is
made easy by such features as split bearing
housings, an external adjustment screw for
impeller-to-suction disc liner clearance, a
readily accessible stuffing box, and simple
overall pump construction.


• Suitable for extremely heavy duties.
• Extra thick wear parts for longer life.
• Replaceable wear liner for longer life.
• External impeller adjustment to maintain
original efficiency.
• CR28% (650 BHN) material as standard for
increased wear life. Other materials include:
SS316, CD4MCU.
• Extra thick 3-vane impeller with large flow
passages to enhance solids handling capability.
• Pump-out vanes to reduce pressure on stuffing
• SG’s of up to 1.8 can be handled.
• High pump efficiencies, requires lower kW
• Available in Horizontal, Vertical and
Submersible Configurations.
• Parts Inter changeability.


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