Newland FM3051 Grouper

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With its snappy barcode reading of virtually any 1D or 2D barcode, the FM3051 Grouper is the perfect response to the trend of barcodes moving from paper to the screen. Built to read from contemporary LCD widescreen devices, the fixed scanner is ideal for mobile phone applications like loyalty programs and ticket validation. Whether it’s an employee scanning a product label or a customer scanning a voucher on their mobile phone, barcode scanning is always easy and quick.

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The form factor of the FM3051 Grouper makes it easy to integrate into a kiosk or POS and a small footprint allows it to fit seamlessly into any environment. Depending on what suits your business, the device is also available as a flush mount: the FM3056 Grouper.

Superior decoding performance.
Your employees can scan virtually any barcode, including 1D and 2D, at an extraordinary speed.

Effortless scanning from mobile phone screen.
Built to read from an LCD screen, the FM3051 Grouper can easily read barcodes from any mobile device screen. An extended capability of IR reading allows the device to detect barcodes under virtually any ambient light. Whether you operate at daytime or nighttime, scanning is quick and efficient.

Easily mounted in small spaces.
The FM3051 Grouper is designed for businesses that require high performance and a minimal footprint. With its small size, the device is ideal for kiosk integration and other POS solutions.

Easy to install.
The FM3051 Grouper can be set up quickly and easily. A plug-and-play simplicity enhances your experience right from the start. The device can be further configured according to your needs by using a simple barcode programming guide.

Application scenarios.
POS Solutions, kiosk integration, scanning from a mobile phone screen, such as for loyalty programs or ticket validation.


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