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• Pretest earth leakage, earth fault lockout
and pilot with every start and log
real time and date
• Infrared data acquisition port
• Communications port with multi
protocol support
• Earth leakage, E/L lock out, vacuum
failure, frozen contactor
• Measures both real and apparent
motor power consumption

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The ProBeck-IPS – Motor Protection and Control Relay
is an ISO 9001:2000 compliant, locally designed
and manufactured, three-phase motor protection
relay. It is a mivo-controller based precision
instrument with protection, advanced control
features and starter logic. The relay is designed to
cater for the low voltage motor protection market.
The current transformers, including the core
balance current transformers are external.
The ProBeck-IPS – Motor Protection and Control
Relay is fully configurable with the aid of frontend
software or a man machine interface unit (MMI).
Event records can also be downloaded with the aid
of the laptop for further analysis. All the settings
are password protected. The relay has an onboard
database where time and date stamped records
are kept. Two types of records are kept namely fault
records (50 last faults) and event records (1764
events). In the case of event records, the user has
limited access rights (read only).
The front-end also has a data recorder and a
spectrum analyser which could be used to analyse
motor performance and supplied power quality
respectively. The spectrum analyser can detect
harmonics up to the 9th harmonic or any of the
three phase currents.
The relay detects earth leakage currents with the
aid of the external core balance current transformer
and is configurable to operate in inverse definite
minimum time (IDMT) or instantaneous definite
time (IDT) mode. A unique feature is added to the
relay in the form of simulation. This function could
be used for personnel training or relay functionality

The ProBeck-IPS – Motor Protection and Control
Relay has the facility to store 6 independent sets of
settings referred to as setting slots comprising of:
• Protection relay settings
• Starter configuration settings
• Control logic settings
• Communication module settings
The ProBeck-IPS – Motor Protection control relay
expansion modules can be selected by means of:
• Expansion I/O comprising 8 Inputs and outputs
• Expansion 4 channel RTD module PTC100 or
• Expansion module 4 to 20 mA (2 in / 2 out)
• Expansion module pilot relay with self test and
logging results to FRAM
In addition to all these setting methods a patented
motor as well as machine recognition algorithm built
into the ProBeck-IPS – Motor Protection and Control
Relay will identify the load pattern associated
with the current relay slot setting. If they do not
correspond, the ProBeck-IPS – Motor Protection
and Control Relay will trip the output socket and
indicate the identified relay setting slot versus the
correct required relay setting slot.
This will provide a safe and intuitive method of
allowing the operator to adjust the selected setting
to the machine setting.


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