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• Double door multiple outlet Flameproof Enclosure
• PLC HMI door display and Ethernet port to SCADA
• Self testing earth leakage, earth fault lock out,
pilot short and pilot open on every start and
saving data on event record
• Monitoring loss of vacuum and frozen contactor
top and bottom of contactor without main power
• Through door communication via lexon window
with “infra red eye”
• Custom designed
• Intelligent pilot relay with motor recognition
storing up to 1400 events
• ISO9001:2008 and CERTEX approved
• Compact and maintenance friendly Gate End Box
• Protection prevent unsafe power on socket

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Our latest designed ProIPS Gate-End Switchgear
consist of two compartments. The top
compartment consists of a 1000V on load isolator
and a 1000V moulded case circuit breaker with
under voltage. The bottom compartment is
designed for a 2 or 3 outlet. To enhance the safety
of the enclosure we have designed the sockets to
be at a 45 degree angle facing downwards.
The ProIPS Gate-End Switchgear is designed
that the bottom compartment is mechanically
interlocked with the top compartment via the
main circuit breaker handle, this means that the
bottom compartment cannot be opened unless
the main circuit breaker is isolated. It is also
electrical interlocked via limit switches. It also
has an electrical interlock via a limit switch. Due
to the intelligence of the pilot relay it will not allow
any outlet to be operated unless there is an unit
connected to the Gate End Box or a dummy plug in
the socket, this is a safety feature which prevents
any power at any time on the pins of the socket
The bottom compartment also has a PLC HMI door
display with Ethernet port to SCADA this enables
you to view machine selection, real time date and
set point values, displays the load current voltage
and power factor, alarm and trip flags and it can
also display the last 20 fault and event records.
The display will also flag on what it had tripped.

When connected to SCADA it becomes a fully
functional maintenance and engineering control
system which will allow you to monitor the following;
• A full recording of Power Factor, All three line
voltages, all three line currents and kW hour on
a real time date and clock
• All alarm and trip flags
• Running hours
• Events and fault records allow control room to
generate end of shift reports.



Due to the fact that the enclosure has a breaker
and an isolator in the top compartment the unit
can do all back tripping to the breaker and still
have control voltage to bottom compartment
which will display the following;
• Unauthorised current. (Detect amps with
no start signal)
• Vacuum fail. (Voltage present at output
socket with contactor present)
• Frozen contactor. (Failure to open contactor
on stop or trip signal)
• Earth Leakage on short circuit
Bottom Compartment consists of forward
reverse vacuum contactor and our latest
integrated protection system (Probeck). The
Probeck allows the customer to add additional
I/O modules, RTD module and an intelligent
pilot relay. All additional units are connected
via a bus connection communicating directly
back to the Probeck (no wire needed).

Protection Features of the Probeck

• Over current (Overload) Detection
• Unbalanced Phase Current Detection
• Underload (Minimum load) Detection
• Single Phase (Phase Loss) Detection
• Run Stall Detection
• Starts per Hour Control
• Vectorial Stall Detection
• Short Circuit Detection
• Frozen Contact/Vacuum Loss < 1MOhm
across open contactor or any phase
• Voltage Symmetry Detection
• Over Voltage Detection
• Under Voltage Detection
• High or Low Frequency Detection
• Voltage Phase Rotation Detection
• Insulation Failure Detection
• Earth Leakage Detection
• Earth Fault Detection
• Pump dry run protection


If the unit needs to be replaced at any time, it can easily be replaced and the unit
will be reprogrammed and all previous settings will be automatically downloaded
via the intelligent end of line unit. This feature solves the problem of incorrect
programming of the system when the unit is replaced.


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