Becker Uni Pump

• Extreme dry run capabilities
• Spigot aligned – no gaskets
• Impeller easily adjustable
• No exposed moving parts
• Pre-assembled bearing cartridges readily available

Wet Ends – chrome iron 27% heat-treated to 650 BN, also
available in stainless steel ss316.
Column assemblies – Mild steel fabrication, also available
in stainless steel.
Shaft material EN8 steel spindle with roller and thrust
Polyurethane – shaft sleeve and casing insert.
All mating components have spigots and no gaskets
Adjusting the bearing housing sets the impeller clearance.
No shim or spacers are required.
Heads to 20 m at 40 m3/h can be achieved at speeds
from 1450 rpm and head to 60 m at 100m3/h can be
achieved at 3000 rpm.
The Unipump is a vertical spindle pump designed to
be robust, abrasion-resistant, reliable and have a long
life. The Unipump is made in three sizes; 50 mm, 80
mm and 100 mm. Each model has it’s own unique
duty, the combination of motor speeds and different
impeller diameters gives a mid-point pumping range
of 160 m3/hr and total heads up to 70m. The pump
does not have a mechanical seal or packing gland.
Consequently it can run dry indefinitely. The Unipump
does not have any external moving parts ensuring
safe installations. The depth to which pumps can be
immersed is governed by the position of the bearing
in the lower end of the upper column. This bearing is
protected by a normal rotary seal, but for maximum
reliability it should be kept above the water level. The
recommended maximum water level is clearly marked
on all pumps.
An easily replaceable polyurethane insert is fitted in the
pump casing over the maximum wear area. The impeller
adjustment is made without any use of spacers or shims.
The upper bearing is greased for life and does not need
any maintenance. The Unipump is manufactured in
South Africa and spare parts are readily available.
Sump installation – maximum immersion depth 500
mm. The open vein impeller pumps solids up to 12 mm
in diameter and slurries up to 1.5 S.G. Lower bearing
lubrication is a standard external grease nipple.
Technical specifications



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