PVD System

• Vertical Pump
• Available in two sizes – two and three inch
• Hardened chrome iron for an increased wear life
• Can achieve up to 87m head at speeds of 2950rpm
PVS Pump

PVS (Pumpmor Vertical Solids) which is also well
know as the Haulage King has a proven track
record for reliability. The models come out in two
sizes 50mm and a 76mm.
The PVS range originates from the HS range, wet
end is constructed from a hardened chrome iron 28%
(650BHN) for an increased wear life.
The Hydro solids configured pumps are all designed
with the same recessed impeller that gives a higher
efficiency than comparable size pumps with the
impeller in the flow path.
Due to the recessed impeller, large abrasive material
can enter the suction inlet and be expelled through
the pump discharge without damaging the impeller.
The PVS range can achieve up to 87m head at
speeds of 2950Rpm.

The pumps are manufactured in one spindle length of
0.7m and one motor drive. Solids to 76mm and S.G’s to
1.5 can be handled.
The hydro solid is a vortex pump designed to pump
sludge and slurries containing large abrasive solids,
trapped air, and fibrous materials. The PVS range is
manufactured for both light and heavy duties.
Ideally suited to many difficult mining applications as well
as waste treatment, paper and pulp, food processing
foundries and steel mills, agriculture and manufacturing

1. Recessed Impeller. The Impeller will allow any sphere
and virtually any solid that enters the suction inlet to pass
through the casing discharge.
2. Cantilever Shaft. No submerged bearings.
3. Stuffing Box cover. Minimizes blow back of media
around the shaft sleeve without actual sealing contact.
4. Casing. Rugged one piece casing is designed to facilitate
the flow of all types of solids and fibrous materials.
5. High Strength Pipe Coulomn. Maintains alignment
between the bearing frame and casing.
6. Bearing Frame. Solid cast one piece bearing frame 30mm
wall thickness insures precise alignment between bearings.
7. Motor Mount.
8. Support Foot.
9. Motor.
10. Pump & Motor Coupling.
Construction. CR28% (650BHN) material as standard for
increased wear life. Other materials include Cast Iron, SS316 &


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